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For over twenty-five years I have represented individual and business policyholders as a Phoenix Insurance Attorney in litigation against insurance companies that refuse to pay what they owe on claims.

During that time as an insurance attorney, I have learned how to take back control of insurance claims from adjusters and claims departments of seemingly “all powerful” insurance companies.

You bought your policy and have paid premiums so that you would be protected in case of an unforeseen loss. However, now that you have made a claim, your insurance company treats you as if you are asking for charity, rather than what you have paid for. They appear interested only in coming up with excuses to underpay or not pay your claim, rather than fairly paying what you have a contractual right to receive.

It may seem that your insurance company has all the money, power and absolute discretion to do what it wants. Understandably, you may be left feeling powerless and helpless. But, you do have rights. Because insurance companies alone decide the validity and value of a claim, Arizona insurance law implies in every insurance policy a duty of good faith and fair dealing, which requires your insurance company to treat you reasonably and fairly.

You can “remind” your insurance company of the duty of good faith, but it will likely ignore you. You can file a complaint with the Arizona Department of Insurance, but that is all too often ineffective. To receive fair payment of your claim, you may need to take your insurance company to court. For that, you need an insurance attorney with the experience, skills and tenacity necessary to turn the tables on your insurance company.

Insurance Attorney Phoenix ArizonaSince 1985, I have represented individual and business policyholders as their attorney in numerous lawsuits against insurance companies in both state and federal courts. These lawsuits have involved all types of insurance, including homeowners, auto, health, life, worker’s compensation, professional disability and commercial liability.

I have also represented condominiums, apartment complexes, retail stores and other businesses in lawsuits alleging bad faith by their insurance companies. Both individual and commercial cases require extensive investigation and discovery, consisting of record searches, written discovery requests, and questioning of adjusters, supervisors, managers and company executives through sworn depositions.

If an insurance company denies or delays payment of a valid claim without a reasonable basis, it is liable for bad faith. If it disputes only part of a claim, it must pay the undisputed portion of the claim or be liable for bad faith.

Litigating against an insurance company is not easy, with their seemingly unlimited funds, resources and lawyers. You need an attorney on your side who not only knows what he is doing, but is willing to put in the hard work necessary to stand up to these powerful companies and see your case through to a successful conclusion..

[contact-form to=’’ subject=’Contact from’][contact-field label=’Contact Me’ type=’radio’ options=’Yes%26#x002c; please contact me regarding my insurance claim’/][contact-field label=’Name’ type=’name’ required=’1’/][contact-field label=’Email’ type=’email’ required=’1’/][contact-field label=’Phone’ type=’text’ required=’1’/][/contact-form]If your insurance company is not treating you fairly, let’s talk. If your insurance company is delaying payment of your claim, denying your claim, or is refusing to provide a defense of a lawsuit against you, call me for a free consultation and initial evaluation of your insurance claim or case. For some claims, I may have suggestions of things you can try without litigation and attorney’s fees. For other claims, I will conduct a no-fee consultation with you, along with a review of your policy and the correspondence between you and the company. I will tell you if you will have to take your insurance company to court and at that point we can discuss fees and costs.

I work on a contingency fee basis. I charge a fee only if you recover against your insurance company. My fees are generally equivalent or less than other attorneys in the field, because I am a sole practitioner with low overhead. Also, because I am a sole practitioner attorney, you will talk to me personally. I will be the person litigating your case: personally conducting discovery, preparing pleadings, filing and responding to motions and taking your case to trial, if necessary.